Teens sometimes feel like misfits. They go through so many new feelings that it's hard just trying to be themselves. Sometimes they're not even sure who they are. But even if you're a teen who feels alone, know this... You're not so different from everyone else. The really important things in life? Respect, acceptance, friendship, love … Everyone is interested in those.

We’re all more alike than we like to believe. It’s not until we’re trying to survive in the real world that this becomes apparent. Which is why all of teen-dom deserves to stand together. We all hear the stories of kids getting bullied so bad they want to give up on life, and sometimes they do. Or the ones that fight for their lives in hospitals because hatred turned into violence. And those are just the extreme cases. What about the many cases that go on unnoticed? There isn’t anything any one can do.

But there is something all of us can do. By taking a stand together, we force hatred out of our schools and out of our communities. By standing up for your fellow students--whether you know them or not--proves to those who resort to violence, they cannot win. Wouldn’t it be great to know that someone had your back? Not just a close friend, but your entire class? That’s what this mission is all about. To FLOAT is to be above the rest. It’s to leave the worries, the dread, and the bullies below. When we FLOAT together, we become stronger--and no teen is left behind.

That’s what this cause is all about. It's about finding self-esteem through love--the love we have for ourselves and the love we show to each other. We all need it. And sometimes we need others to have our back without us even asking for it. We need to know you have a network of support from other teens and adults who believe no one should suffer for being different. Because we’re all different. And we’re all the same. And no one should get away with degrading, tormenting, belittling, or hurting others.

So we ask you to take a stand with us and take this pledge:  that you will not tolerate indecent behavior to yourpeers.

Tell your friends, post it on your social media, let the world know that we FLOAT above the rest. Help us get word of this cause out to the world. Let’s bring a movement to our schools and communities.

Together, we can FLOAT.